Issues, Ideas, and Action Items


  • Implement and expand our county’s Community Wildfire Protection Plan, a comprehensive fire prevention plan that includes strategies for effective fuel breaks, dozer line maintenance and vegetation management 
  • Continue to meet and coordinate with the Napa Communities Firewise Foundation and neighborhood Fire Safe Councils throughout the county
  • Improve emergency communications with residents during fire season
  • Ensure that local firefighters have the resources and support they need
  • Address community-specific challenges, including emergency access routes in rural and hillside communities 
  • Expand long-term recovery assistance for residents and businesses victimized by wildfire 

Water Security

  • Support and maintain healthy watersheds to ensure water quality
  • Implement and update Napa County’s Groundwater Sustainability Plan on a timely basis, so our county maintains local control of our groundwater resources
  • Incentivize and reward best practices for water conservation and recycled water use in our winemaking and grapegrowing industries, and collaborate with programs like Napa Green that help wineries seeking to increase water efficiency
  • Improve our groundwater monitoring network and data collection systems, so we can better understand the current state of our water resources
  • Work with our cities to increase water recycling infrastructure throughout the county and develop a coordinated, regional approach to best plan for drought

Workforce Housing

  • Collaborate with cities on projects and provide support in site selection, planning, and funding - we need to have a strong united front that makes it clear that new housing is a priority AND that it makes our communities stronger and more inclusive
  • Support an increase in our county’s housing impact fee, and incentivize development applicants to address workforce housing needs as part of their projects
  • Support a range of housing types, including more accessory dwelling units (ADU's), and work to ensure that they are providing real housing options for residents
  • Ensure that the county’s Housing Element update prioritizes sites that are close to schools and services, include necessary infrastructure improvements, and can serve working families and senior populations
  • Advocate for local preference provisions for new housing - so that people who work here can have priority in finding affordable places to live
  • Work with nonprofits and the private sector to create partnerships for both small (see St. Helena’s Our Town St. Helena project) and larger scale projects - we need public private partnerships to create more housing

Climate Change

  • Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG emissions) from buildings, transportation, and solid waste by:
    • Advocating for a move away from natural gas in new construction in favor of electric alternatives
    • Increase adoption of electric vehicles and new charging infrastructure and advocate for the county’s transition to an electric fleet
    • Locating workforce housing near job centers to reduce vehicle miles traveled
    • Supporting local businesses in their development of Transportation Demand Management (TDM) plans, which help employers implement tailored solutions to reduce vehicle miles traveled.
    • Educating and assisting residents in their efforts to comply with SB 1383 so that we can remove GHG-emitting organics from our waste stream
  • Support continued expansion of rooftop and parking lot solar installations and the development of biochar operations in the county
  • Work to maintain healthy watersheds and fire safe forests, and direct resources to sustainable post-fire tree replanting projects
  • Support our County Office of Emergency Services and ensure we have plans in place for emergency response and long term recovery  when we face climate-related disasters like wildfire, flooding, and drought. 
  • Continue to collaborate with community-based-organizations (COAD, e.g.) so that we have a comprehensive strategy for responding when disaster hits

Other Ongoing Priorities

  • Continuing strong protections for our Agricultural Preserve
  • Supporting Calistoga’s purchase of the fairgrounds property
  • Improving broadband access in rural areas
  • Working with the city of Napa to address issues of homelessness and mental health
  • Improving communication between our county government and our cities and upvalley residents by: 
    • Establishing a regular routine of visits with upvalley communities and civic groups, and continuing to meet and listen to residents
    • Working with our local nonprofits and news outlets on ways to help residents get current information on local issues and emergency preparedness
    • Advocating for policies of inclusion and transparency in county processes